Wedding Guest Brought Tupperware to the Wedding

A Facebook group called “That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming” just got a new post that would make me wedding shame too! A woman said she recently got married and one of her dad’s friends brought his daughter and daughter’s husband to the small wedding. That right there is enough to get me heated. BUT THEN she noticed the daughter that the bridge barely knew, brought TEN TUPPERWARE CONTAINERS! The woman then filled seven of them with food from the buffet dinner, three of them with dessert, and  grabbed a few beers and some floral centerpieces when she left. Her gift to the newlyweds was a crisp 5 dollar bill. Also, the woman is not hurting, financially. In the post’s comments some people are DEFENDING the guest saying the leftovers would have just gone to waste. What do you think? Was this ok, or no?



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