Were You More Thankful This Thanksgiving?, An Interesting Way to Try to Sell a House, Woman Climbs Tree to Rescue Her Cat–Gets Stuck

Today’s Morning Mix Three Things to know:

  1. Were you more or less thankful this Thanksgiving? A new survey found 36% of Americans were more thankful, 47% said about the same as last year, and 6% said they actually were less thankful this year. 11% of those surveyed didn’t answer.
  2. A real estate agent in Houston was struggling to get interest in a house, so she took new photos of it…featuring underwear models. The local realtor association pulled the listing after people complained, but it HAS led to more interest in the house!
  3. A woman in California got stuck in a tree on Thanksgiving Day when she climbed up to rescue her cat. The fire department had to rescue HER…and the cat climbed down on it own.


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