What Are the Ten Keys to Happiness?

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On today’s Morning Mix, Randy & Steph are wondering just what those elusive “keys to happiness” are. According to a recent survey, money is NOT one of the top ten keys to happiness. At least not directly.

Spending quality time with your family was chosen as the #1 key to happiness. To be fair though, it’s a lot easier to make time when you’ve got plenty of money in the bank. Anyway, here are the top ten keys to happiness, according to the study . . .

1. Spending quality time with your family.
2. Having time to yourself.
3. Spending time with friends. So the top three are all about having more free time.
4. Being outdoors more.
5. Sleeping well.
6. Indulging in your favorite hobby.
7. Delicious food, especially if it’s good for you.
8. Continuing to learn and discover new things.
9. Eating healthy.
10. Exercise. The survey also found 20% of us spend less than 30 minutes a day on things that truly make us happy.

What other things would YOU add to this list? What things are YOUR “keys to happiness?”



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