What Are Your Favorite Childhood Memories?

Group of children with thumbs up sign

On today’s Morning Mix, Randy & Steph are doing some reminiscing about some of their favorite childhood memories. What are some of YOUR fav memories from when you were a kid?

According to a new study, here are the 10 things you’re most likely to remember from when you were a kid . . .

1. Christmas with your family.
2. Going to the beach.
3. Going to your grandparents’ house.
4. Hearing the music from the ice cream truck.
5. Playing in the park.
6. Getting an allowance.
7. Buying candy.
8. Learning to ride a bike.
9. Playing on the playground.
10. Getting a pet.

The survey also found 7 in 10 parents have tried to recreate a fond memory from their childhood, so their kids could experience it too.



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