What Would You Rather Do Than Have Those Tough Financial Conversations?

Shot of a young couple looking anxious while doing their budget at home

Today on The Morning Mix, it’s REALLY  hard to talk about money . . . all the mistakes you’ve made with it, how little of it you’re saving, and how much more of it you wish you had.  But is talking about it worse than going to JAIL? A new survey asked people what they’d rather do than have tough financial conversations or spend time really working on budgeting and planning.  And here are some of the highlights . . .

1.  34% would rather sit in traffic for an hour.

2.  34% would rather post an embarrassing photo of themselves on social media.

3.  27% would rather get stung by a bee.

4.  20% would rather spend an hour in JAIL.

5.  And 16% would rather sit through an intense movie SEX SCENE with their parents.  Yes, that option is worse than jail.

So, what would YOU rather do than seriously discuss your finances?




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