Words and Phrases That People Say Wrong

Confused Woman

Randy and Steph are talking this morning about some of the common words or phrases that you might be mispronouncing. Things like:

  1. “Scapegoat.”  Someone who takes the blame. Some people have been known to say “escape goat.”
  2. “Biding Your Time.” Meaning you’re waiting for something. Do you say “BITING your time?”
  3. “Play It By Ear.” If you play it by ear, your doing it without sheet music. Some people say “Play it by YEAR.”
  4. “Pass Muster.”  meaning you’re meeting some sort of standard. We’ve heard people say “Pass MUSTARD.”
  5. “Moot Point.” meaning something irrelevant or hypothetical.  Some people say “MUTE point.”
  6. “Supposedly.” We hear lots of people say “Supposebly.”

What other words or phrases do you or others always mispronounce?



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